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Good day, folks! Today’s update to 1Password brings along a few new features and a couple very important fixes. Let’s dive in, shall we?

(Editor\'s note, this is a republication of 1Password 7.1, with Markdown support enabled. Previously it was only enabled for the 1Password development and test environment).

## Rich Text in Secure Notes Using Markdown

When we introduced 1Password 7 for Mac back in May we debuted a whole new way to look at your secure notes. Today, we’re happy to announce that 1Password for iOS has joined the party. You can now create gorgeous looking secure notes complete with headers, bold and italic text, lists, tappable links, and more.

## 1Password Stickers

If you follow us on social media or keep up to date with our blog (and why wouldn’t you?) you know that our art department is incredibly talented. We are always looking for new ways to let them stretch their creative muscles. When they came to us with a collection of stickers and asked to create a sticker app, there was no way we could refuse. You’ll find a whole collection of stickers in Messages, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

## Fixes, Fixes, Everywhere

Two of the most prevalent bugs we’ve seen reported have also been fixed in this update. Searching no longer returns broken or incorrect results, and creating a new item no longer causes 1Password to become unresponsive. We had some fantastic help from many of you tracking these bugs down; thank you so much.

## New

- Markdown support in Secure Notes! {OPM-1099}
- 1Password now generates specific icons for each item when an icon doesn\'t exist. {OPI-4366}
- 1Password Stickers! Check out our stickers in Messages app.

## Improved

- Updated the text throughout the app to be more consistent.
- Improved rendering of template icons in list and detail views.

## Fixed

- Corrected an issue where search could become completely hosed when the items in a vault were updated while search was taking place (for instance, when syncing). {apple-issues#62}
- Fixed an issue where adding a Related Item would not refresh the item detail view. {apple-issues#1075}
- Fixed an issue that allowed users without the proper permission to move an item to the trash. {apple-issue#1330}
- Corrected a problem where 1Password would become unresponsive after adding a new item.
- Fixed a crash that could occur when decrypting an item\'s icon. {apple-issues#1567}
- Fixed a crash that could occur when viewing Secure Notes. {apple-issues#1724}
- Fixed a crash that could occur during item saving. {apple-issues#1734}

1Password never prompts you for a review because we value your workflow too much to interrupt it. If you feel generous and have a couple of minutes, please leave a review. It makes a huge difference to us. Thank you in advance. :)

If you need us you can find us at @1Password on Twitter, at facebook.com/1Password, or support.1password.com, we love hearing from you!


你忘记过密码吗? 你反复使用同一个密码吗?
1Password 为不同的网站创建强且不重复的密码,并帮助您将它们一个一个牢牢记住。您只需轻轻一按即可登录。 立即试用 1Password!
1Password 让您的生活更加安全
1Password 是一款精美的应用,它将您的所有重要信息存储在一个安全的保险库内。

◆ 可以存储您的登录信息、信用卡资料、身份信息和安全笔记等
◆ 无需记得密码,轻松登录网站
◆ 无需打字即可填充信用卡资料和身份信息
◆ 使用“收藏夹”来快速访问常用项目
◆ 强大的搜索功能让您可以快速查找所需的信息

使用 1PASSWORD 来保护数据安全
1Password 保险库中的所有数据都由主密码保护,而主密码只有您一个人知道。 1Password 通过多种途径来保障数据安全:

◆ 256 位 AES 认证加密技术保护您的数据
◆ 自动锁定功能保障即使您的设备被偷或遗失数据仍然安全
◆ 使用 Touch ID 来快速、安全地访问数据
◆ 强密码生成工具为不同的网站创建强且不重复的密码
◆ 安全地与您的其他 iOS 设备以及 Mac 或 PC 等版本 1Password 进行同步


◆ 支持 iCloud,让同步安全且如苹果般简单
◆ 支持 Dropbox,提供跨平台同步和共享功能
◆ 支持 Wi-Fi 同步,让您的设备拥有最新信息,而且所有数据不会离开您的本地网络

使用 1Password 内嵌的强大浏览器来访问您最重要、最敏感的网站。

◆ 使用“前往并填充”来打开 1Browser 并自动登录网站
◆ 使用自动填充菜单可以轻松访问并填充您的登录信息、身份信息以及信用卡资料
◆ 使用标签页来同时浏览多个网站
◆ 1Browser 使用主密码来保护您的浏览环节

解锁 1Password 的所有潜力
解锁 1Password 专业版可获得诸多额外功能:

◆ 多个保险库和共享保险库
- 与团队成员安全协作
- 与全家人共享强密码
- 自动同步保证所有人的资料同步
◆ 如驾照、护照等诸多额外类别
◆ 使用文件夹来整理数据,亦可按标签分类浏览
◆ 可为项目添加如多个 URL、自定义栏位和安全笔记等多种自定义设置


◆ 获得苹果官方 “APPs for Getting Things Done” 指南推荐
◆ 被评选为 Business Insider 全球百佳应用之一
◆ 荣获 The Mac Observer 编辑推荐奖
◆ 入选 Macworld “App 名人堂”
◆ 1Password 同样具备 Mac 和 PC 等版本,另外单独销售

获奖我们很开心,但更让我们骄傲的是 1Password 数以百万计的用户和粉丝。


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    非常喜欢 升级后支持课中文


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