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Magic Eraser iPhone版1.18.0


大小:33.8MB开发商:Alan Cushway(官网)


Magic Eraser iPhone版更新说明

• Added an RGB editor to the background editor. Now you can enter your RGB codes and save a color palette.
• iPad now works in portrait or landscape

If you have any issues or suggestions please let me know at support@honkhonkpunch.com

Magic Eraser iPhone版官方介绍

轻松点几下即可移除任何图片的背景,并储存为PNG 或JPG 格式。只要轻触要移除的部分,「魔法棒」功能便会自动移除颜色相近的区域。


Remove the background of any picture with just a few tapssave as PNGJPG. Just touch where you want to remove,the \"Magic Wand\" function removes the area of similar color automatically.

All features are free without a watermark!

The transparent image can be used with other apps eg. Keynote. Pages, etc. Images can also be used to create your own stickers for photography apps such as \"Snap Collage\"\"Pic Collage\".

# Zoom in for fine pixel-level accuracy
# Erase/Restore the area you touched
# Magic Wand - Remove similar color area automatically
# Reverse tool - Reverse removed area
# Save in High Resolution - NO WATERMARK

Here\'s what some of our users had to say:
by Camryn mcknight on 01/26/2016 - Version: 1.3.0
If you are looking for an app that can help with thumbnailsYouTube banners, you have picked the right one! This app is completely amazing to cut out my backgroundseasy to use. I give this a 5 out of 5!

Best App On The Market by Steve92292
Don\'t know how I would function without this app. Im a marketer who uses this app on a daily some times over photoshop. Let That Sink In. Big thank you to the developers

I recommend it to everyone by Chbird
Use this app every single day,I love it. The precision of the toolthe ability to rotate, mask, invert, etc. make it a breeze for creating amazingness. I\'d give it 10 stars if I could. My friends always ask how I do custom photo edits so quickly...I tell them about Magic Eraser. LOVE.

Unbelievably Good! by Watt fry
Seriously one of the best back ground eraser apps there is.I\'ve tried them all.

Best ever app by Warriorkit101
No tricks, no buying, all instant! Perfect for minecraft! Thank you!

Great app.
Created a few business logossome pretty amazing shiRTS!

√ Advanced erasing tools like Magic WandBrush Tool!
√ Outstanding range of Soft to Hard Brushes
√ Red Mask to see what has been erased
√ Edit in Full Resolution - enhanced zoom in feature offers excellent precision to pick color with Magic Wand
√ Rotate image - ultimate control of image makes it so easy without having to rotate device
√ Undo features!
√ Save as PngJpg format!
√ Import photos of nearly any size, export up to 2048px (limited by device memory)
√ Save smalllarge transparent images (24bit PNGs)
√ Save on white background (JPGs)
√ Video Tutorials available in help

So,what are you waiting for? Download for free!

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