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Pulse US is an advanced analytics system which ranks the popularity of leaders and Political parties (of USA), and provides a unified view of a leader’s popularity on social media networks. It considers various factors and arrives at a final score (Ranfor Score) which is a measure of popularity.With so many activities hAPPening on social media, it is difficult to say that who is popular and why. There is a need to provide some objectivity to it. As they say, there is method in madness, so engineers at Ranfor thought about the same and they came up with a carefully developed scoring engine which addresses this fact.Pulse US not only provides a unified score, it goes one step further and brings this information to you visually. Imagine, you are provided with a map of USA and this map has red and green dots, telling you that this points are showing positive and negative sentiments. How useful this information is. On top of that, this app tells about what are the pHRases or words which defines a leader. So for example, if a leader is showing a cluster of red dots on a particular geographic location and it is known that a particular word or phrase is the most prominent term there. We can immediately connect and know what is the reason a leader is not doing well in that area. So, what we have is a comprehensive platform on a mobile (android device). On top of that the unified score (Ranfor score) gives the position of a leader with respect to others.In order to arrive at a final ranking, various factors are chosen, such as - How much a leader is popular, that is how often he/she is mentioned on social media.- What is the underlying sentiment of his/her popularity. A leader with few positive sentiments should have high ranking score than a leader with numerous negative sentiments.- How influential are the followers of a leader.- How active is leader himself/herself on social media.What is the engagement quotient, i.e. how much his/her views are propagated and so on.You see here that Pulse US follows a comprehensive ranking system, therefore it is a must tool to have for people who have interest in politics.Pulse’s comprehensive database enables to forecast the future leader positions. This can be quite helpful to understand the future popularity of leaders.This system brings the advanced concepts of data mining, text and sentiment analytics literally on your fingertips. This is powered by Sensis, another flagship application of Ranfor consulting which is useful in a multitude of scenarios, like campAIgn effectiveness, reviews, etc. Sensis provides an android app to perform sentiment analysis on large volume of data. (URL for Sensis - http://www.ranfor.com/products/sensis.html )

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