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Cubasis LE 3 iOS版v3.6.1

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Cubasis LE 3最新版v3.6.1更新说明

What's New in Cubasis LE 3.6.1
This supplemental update includes improvements and is recommended for all Cubasis users.
For more info please visit us at http://steinberg.net/cubasisforum.

What's New in Cubasis LE 3.6
Cubasis, our award-winning mobile DAW, lets you capture every moment of your inspiration on the go. Cubasis 3.6 adds four exciting, unique instruments, which are powered by Steinberg's HALion and will take your compositions to a whole new level. Let your creativity flow while playing the beautiful LoFi Piano, create epic tracks with our all-new HALion Sonic Selection music workstation, explore FM synthesis in depth with our outstanding FM Lab-based Neo FM and FM Classics instruments. Never miss a creative moment with Cubasis LE for iPad and iPhone.

LoFi Piano (FREE)
Enjoy this outstanding instrument, which features uniquely beautiful LoFi piano sounds, which are perfect for musicians, producers and beatmakers. Based on an upright acoustic piano, recorded with carefully selected vintage gear, LoFi Piano provides you with a gritty blend of contemporary and vintage piano sounds, with the option to instantly tweak them to your taste via six simple effects.

• Beautifully tape-saturated piano for Cubasis
• Six lofi-inspired effects for tunes with a dusty ambience
• Free with Cubasis 3.6

HALion Sonic Selection (Cubasis IAP)
Create professional-sounding tracks on the go with HALion Sonic Selection, the ultimate music creation workstation for Cubasis. Be ready when inspiration strikes and choose your perfect sound from a cutting-edge XXL library of 1100+ world-class, pro-grade instruments, suitable for any genre. Instantly tweak your instruments sounds to perfection, via eight fast and easy-to-use controls.

• Your music creation workstation for Cubasis
• Cutting edge library of 1100+ instruments for any genre
• Eight controls for quick and easy sound editing

Neo FM (Cubasis IAP)
Be inspired by playing this superb library of next-generation FM synthesis sounds, covering earth-shattering basses, crystal-clear leads, atmospheric pads, arpeggiated pulsating sounds, and much more. Neo FM is based on Steinberg's acclaimed FM Lab instrument and includes 300+ cutting-edge presets, each with eight intuitive controls to quickly and easily tweak your sounds.

• A next-generation FM synth for Cubasis
• 300+ cutting-edge presets for modern music creation
• Eight controls for quick and easy sound editing

FM Classics (Cubasis IAP)
Dive straight into the 1980s and celebrate 40 years of the ‘king of FM’ - the mighty Yamaha DX7. This fantastic sounding instrument comes with all the classic DX7 and TX81Z factory sounds - matching the originals as closely as you can get. FM synthesis changed the sound of popular music forever back in the early eighties, and it has thankfully returned to today’s pop music. Enjoy playing these all-time greatest FM tones, paired with a lovely DX-like user interface which has easy-to-use editing options.

• Classic FM synth for Cubasis
• 250+ ultimate DX7 and TX81Z factory sounds
• Eight controls for quick and easy sound editing

Cubasis lets you focus on instantly creating great tracks. Cubasis LE 3.6 brings many improvements, pairing rock solid stability with the highest performance standards, to let you capture your ideas with ease. Do you prefer a darker environment, to make sure you are not distracted while being creative? The stunning new dark keyboard mode is just for you! Have you fallen in love with a great sound? Simply tap the star icon next to the preset name, making sure you will find it again, quickly and easily. Are 24 ins/outs not enough for your creativity? Check out the beta 64 ins/outs addition. And there's so much more. Whenever you are ready to create, Cubasis is ready too. For the complete list of improvements and solutions, please visit us at www.steinberg.net/cubasisforum.

If you like Cubasis LE, please support us by rating this app in the App Store! Thank you!
如发现版本老旧,欢迎邮件反馈toususpam#liqucn(dot)com,或移步Cubasis LE 3官网下载最新版

Cubasis LE 3 iOS版介绍

*** Please note that a supported hardware device is required to unlock the feature set of Cubasis LE (unless unlocked Cubasis LE runs in demo mode). Please visit https://new.steinberg.net/cubasis/le/#83335 for more details. ***

Cubasis LE is the compact version of Steinberg’s mobile multitouch sequencer, providing the same look and feel of its bigger brother Cubasis. Specially designed for quick and easy operation, Cubasis LE makes recording, editing and mixing a breeze, no matter where you are, right there on your iPhone or iPad.

• Cubasis LE 3 for iPhone and iPad
Capture your musical ideas when inspiration strikes. Cubasis offers excellent usability, ease of use and lightning fast operation for you to perform, record and mix your music quickly and efficiently – no matter if you're using an iPhone or iPad.

• Keyboard and MicroSonic virtual instrument
Create perfect tracks, beats and melodies from scratch on the integrated keyboard and load great-sounding MicroSonic instruments, based on the acclaimed HALion Sonic workstation and Allen Morgan drum kits.

• Hook up your external gear
Use your external devices to record your guitar, vocals and more in professional quality. Connect your keyboard hardware including MIDI over Bluetooth LE support.

• Audio and MIDI editor
Relish the ease of use and intuitive workflows when creating or mastering your audio and MIDI tracks in the editors. Straightforward usability and handy tools ensure you get tasks done at the speed of light.

• Full-screen mixer and pro-grade effects
Create perfect sounding mixes thanks to a full-blown mixer, which easily extends to full-screen, and make tracks instantly sound great with pro-grade effects that come with ready-to-use effect presets.

• In-app purchases for Cubasis LE
Easily extend Cubasis LE with great in-app purchases. Get all the features of Cubasis 3 in Cubasis LE, extend the app with excellent pro-grade plug-ins from Waves, add the world's most iconic drum machines and much more.

• Free Cubasis LE 2 in-app purchase transfer
Have you already purchased instruments or effects plug-ins via Cubasis LE 2 in-app purchases? Once you've installed Cubasis LE 3, simply transfer your previous plug-in in-app purchases from Cubasis LE 2 – free of charge.

• Universal app support: Run Cubasis on the iPhone and iPad
• Cubasis for iPhone: Create great music in the palm of your hand
• Full-screen mixer: Easily extend the size of the mixer and more
• Free Cubasis LE 2 IAP transfer: Freely transfer previous plug-in in-app purchases to Cubasis LE 3
• 960 PPQN MIDI resolution: Precise audio and MIDI event editing at the highest level
• FX rearrangement: Quickly rearrange plug-ins and change their pre/post fader position
• New effects presets: Make tracks sound great with these ready-to-use presets
• Undo with history list: Quickly jump back to earlier versions of your song
• Redesigned instruments and effects: Modern styling with more precise operation
• Audio, and MIDI editors revisited: File editing is much more effective
• Revised MediaBay: Your all-new control center for file and project management
• UI scale presets for iPhone and iPad: Quickly change the size and arrangement of Cubasis
• Overdub and looper recording modes: Choose the best mode for your recordings

• Up to 4 audio and 4 MIDI tracks
• 2 assignable physical inputs and stereo output
• 32-bit floating point audio engine
• Audio I/O resolution of 16-bit/44.1 + 48 kHz
• MicroSonic with 25 instrument sounds based on HALion Sonic and Allen Morgan drum kits
• Mixer with 5 effect processors
• Super-versatile RoomWorks SE reverb effect with intuitive graphical display
• Virtual keyboard with note repeat control
• Sample Editor and MIDI Editor
• Unlock all the features of the full Cubasis version via in-app purchase

Technical support

If you like Cubasis, please support us by rating this app in the App Store! Thank you!

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